meals designed to help senior dogs thrive

Let's bring back the zoomies!

As dogs get older they have different nutritional needs than when they were younger. Feeding healthy, fresh-cooked dog meals can bring excitement back to their bowl, and more energy to their day. Serve as a full diet, mix-in or a delicious topper.

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Meals For Seniors

Fisherman's Best Friend

Low-Fat, Senior Care, Renal Support, Hypoallergenic

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Low-Fat, Novel Protein, Limited Ingredients, Omega-3's

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Coconut Chicken

Low-Fat, Great for Picky Eaters, Full of Antioxidants

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Beef & Broccoli

Low-fat, Contains Superfood, Omega-3's

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Rosemary Venison

Low-Fat, Novel Protein, Contains Superfoods, Omega-3's

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Navigating Zoomies, Appetite Changes, and Energy Levels

Adjusting to Your Aging Canine Companion


Why has my senior stopped eating?

We do recommend talking to your vet as it may be a good time to check in. However, as your pup becomes a senior their taste buds can change. Other factors may include digestive issues or sensitive teeth.

My dog is starting to slow down, what do I do?

Switching to a low-fat diet will be beneficial for weight management as your dog's energy levels start to decrease.

BONUS: You may notice puppy-energy coming back once you switch to nutritionally balanced cooked food!

What if I don't want to switch off my dog's current food?

You don't have to! If you are feeding canned food, kibble or home cooking it is completely safe to use Tom&Sawyer as a topper. If you are feeding raw, it will be easier on your senior's digestive system to make a complete switch to cooked meals.