How To Get Started with Tom&Sawyer's Fresh Pet Food

The healthiest — and easiest — way to feed your pet.

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How It Works

Pet Profile

Tell us about your pet by filling out our quick and easy meal plan questionnaire. Every pet is different, let's feed them that way!


Add delicious and nutritious products like our bone broths and treats. Got a puppy? Don't forget to include a bottle of our Puppy Booster to your first order.


Get freshly cooked pet meals delivered right to your door. You can place a one-time order or sign up for our subscription program and never miss a meal.

Image of delivery box with frozen pet meals on top of it.

As soon as your delivery arrives, store your flat-packed meals in your freezer. You can store up to four days worth of food in your fridge or run a package under warm water to serve immediately.

Watch How To Feed
Day 1 & 2 feed 25% Tom&Sawyer, 75% Old Pet Food. Days 3 & 4 50% Tom&Sawyer, 50% old pet food. Days 5 & 6 feed 75% Tom&Sawyer, 25% old pet food. Day 7 or more you can feed 100% unless tummy upset occurs, then go back to previous stage.

Your first order will include a Welcome Card, guiding you through the simple transition into your pet's new meal plan. Slowly increase the amount of Tom&Sawyer as you decrease the amount of their current food.

*If your pet has a very sensitive tummy we recommend sticking to one recipe for the first two weeks to avoid any upset.

Feeding Guide

You will receive a guide showing you how much to feed daily (for a full Tom&Sawyer diet), based on the weight of your pet. Check your emails for a feeding amount catered specifically to your pet.

Click here for our Dog Daily Feeding Guide
Click here for our Cat Daily Feeding Guide

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How To Serve

Defrost the package in the fridge the night before, or thaw under warm water day of.

Divide up the package into daily feedings.

Stir the meal before serving. You can even heat it up (if they prefer).

Store the remainder of the package in a container and place it back in the fridge. A thawed package will last up to four days.