About Tom&Sawyer

Gently cooked meals for your four-legged family

We were so appalled by the lack of regulation in the pet food industry, we started Tom&Sawyer: All-natural, gently cooked meals that are perfectly balanced by pet nutritionists and expertly cooked by professional chefs with science-backed ingredients to nourish their bodies, so your doggo or catto can outlive you (you know, in dog or cat years).

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It started at home

It all started when our founders Kristin and Peter brought home Sawyer. The little Yorkie-Poo refused to eat kibble, and with one look at the ingredients list, Kristin and Peter couldn’t blame him. Plus, they thought, if it smells this bad, it must taste this bad, too! We’re pretty sure that’s a fact, but you couldn’t pay us to try kibble. Instead, we’re upping the standards in the pet food industry.

Once a forensic accountant, Kristin put her investigative skills to good use, and what she learned upset her: With so few Canadian regulations in the industry, our pets are ingesting highly-processed synthetic ingredients and bacteria at every meal that make them sick. Like you, she wanted better for Sawyer. She wanted to prevent illness and pricey vet bills, not guarantee them. And so, Tom&Sawyer was born: All-natural, gently cooked meals made by hand.

Meet Sawyer
Our inspiration
since 2014

Meet Sawyer, our founders’ 10-pound Yorkie-Poo with the confidence of a 100-pound Great Dane. He struts when he walks, smiles when he meets new people, and knows his toys by name. (Yeah, he’s one smart cookie.) We’re pretty sure Sawyer was a cat in a past life, what with his penchant for napping on the back of couches. Apart from a general disdain for the letter carrier and other dogs, he’s the friendliest, happiest pup a parent could ask for and the cutest mascot to rep our brand.

The timeline

Sawyer joins the family—and refuses to eat kibble. A former forensic accountant, Kristin leans on her investigative skills, and the research begins.


Tom&Sawyer is born. Working with chefs, nutritionists, vets and labs, we formulate nutritionally-balanced, delicious recipes for pets.


We open our flagship storefront in Toronto, housing our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen—a first in the industry in Canada.


We release the first of our therapeutic recipes for dogs with specific nutritional needs and dietary requirements.


Our commercial kitchen becomes an FDA-registered facility, and we start shipping meals to the United States.

Retail Store Freezer

Inundated with retailer requests across Canada, we launch our brand with hundreds of premium pet retailers across Canada.

Balanced by Animal Nutritionists

More Science!  We built out our in-house science and nutrition teams, expanding our research and recipe development processes.

Rosemary Venison

We launch the world’s most premium and humanized line of dog meals based on key market and research learnings.

Subscription Meal Plan

Started the year with a new online subscription meal plan experience for customers.  Excited to see what else we accomplish in 2022!

Our leadership
The people behind your pet food

As pet people and foodies, we come by this work honestly. Take our founders, for example: Not only do they boast molecular gastronomy equipment in their home kitchen, they travel the world in the name of 3-star Michelin restaurants, adding countries to their bucket list because of an ingredient they’re dying to try. It’s no wonder they bring the same foodie standards to every Tom&Sawyer recipe.

Kristin Matthews
Co-Founder & President
Peter Zakarow
Co-Founder & Board Chair
Hannah Godfrey
MSc. Animal nutrition (PH.D Candidate)Customer education Specialist
Dr. Kelly Swanson
Ph.D., Animal Nutrition & Nutrigenomics ExpertRecipe Development Consultant & Advisory Board Member
Dr Joe Inglis, BVSc MRCVS
Veterinarian and Nutrition ExpertAdvisory Board Member
Mischa Kapp
Certified Red Seal Chef, Culinary Science and Innovation Consultant & Advisory Board Member

Food for thought

We were so disheartened (and, ahem, disgusted) by the lack of regulations in the pet food industry, we founded the Fresh Cooked Pet Food Alliance (FCPFA) to set the industry standard for accountability, transparency and integrity.