Real meals for your fur family
Less scratching. Shinier coat. Healthier weight. Picky eater approved!
Made by hand in
Toronto, Canada

If your pet could talk, this is what they'd order for dinner

You already know what your pet wants for dinner: Human food! At Tom&Sawyer, we believe real food is for the whole family—fur fam included. That’s why we cook meals for cats and dogs like we do for ourselves: With real, healthy ingredients, mouth-watering flavours and a lotta love.

Picky eater, health conditions, allergies? We've got dinner covered.

Only Natural Ingredients

There’s a reason pets love human food: It’s real food. You won’t find any ingredients you can’t pronounce in our recipes. In fact, they’re all cooked like human food: Veggies and all.

Gently Cooked for Digestion

Skip the synthetic ingredients in kibble or the bacteria in raw meat: Gently cooked food allows your pet to avoid the digestive upsets and better absorb the nutrients in their food.

Personalized to Your Pet

One diet doesn’t feed all. Our meals are made with scientifically-backed ingredients to support your fur baby’s needs whether they have dietary restrictions or just aren’t thriving.

Antibiotic & Hormone-Free
Chef-Made in Canada
Human-Edible Ingredients

What’s for Dinner Tonight?

Tell us about your pet

No two fur babies are the same, and their diets shouldn’t be either. Tell us about your cat or dog for our best meal plan recommendations, personalized to their nutritional needs.

Build your meal plan

Rosemary Venison? Italian Beef Pasta? Your pet's menu just got a lot tastier than yours. With several support diets for health issues, our meals promote happier, healthier, longer lives.

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We get it—and with hundreds of retailers across Canada, you don’t have to. Find a local retailer to try a meal (or two) before you personalize your pet’s plan.

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A real meal a day
keeps the vet away

Forget stressing about your pet’s health—or their vet bills! Our recipes are balanced by pet nutritionists, personalized to your pet’s needs, and cooked by professional chefs, so you can bank on a dinner date with your pet instead of the vet.

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I’m so grateful to find a great pet food company that I can rely on for quality, healthy, nutritious food for my fur baby. Thank you! Love from Thor and his family!

Namitha M.
Toronto, on

“I decided I'd start cooking for my dogs myself, until I found Tom&Sawyer. Not only are the meals balanced and high quality, my picky dogs absolutely love them! I am so happy I found this company.”

Toronto, ON

“Our Toy Poodle, Enzo, loves his Tom&Sawyer! No matter which meal we try, he loves them all. Thank you Tom&Saywer for making such wonderful dog food!”

Vicki I.
Toronto, on

“Five stars. Great for dogs like Winnie with IBD issues”

Mary G.
St. Laurent, PQ

“My Daisy is a HUGE fan! We love all the Tom&Sawyer products. She is so healthy and happy after transitioning to Tom&Sawyer years ago.”

Andrea E.
Toronto, ON

“Since switching to Tom&Sawyer, our dogs consistently let us know when it is time to eat…. And, boy, do they lick their bowls clean! Thank you!”

Sandra C.
Brampton, ON

“Our puppies have food allergies and medical concerns. Tom&Sawyer was so helpful and the food has made such a difference with their dietary issues and conditions.”

Peggy P.
Newmarket, ON

“A million stars! My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Brucey, loves, just LOVES, Tom&Sawyer. He is ready to sell his soul (and mine!) for his porky dinner.”

Kate Z.
Toronto, on

“Our dog, Ruby, loves her new Tom&Sawyer food, and I love serving it to her knowing that she is getting real food! Thank you so much 🐾”

Katherine K.
Stouffville, ON
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Our story starts with a 10-pound Yorkie-Poo named Sawyer who refused to eat kibble (we don’t blame him). He may or may not have been named after a Rush song, which is fitting given his mean, mean stride. We can’t wait for you to meet him.