Quality ingredients that you can actually see in your pet’s bowl

Our team of pet nutritionists, Ph.D's, and chefs have crafted your pet's new favourite meal

We bring healthy whole foods to your pet’s bowl

Only Natural Ingredients

There’s a reason pets love human food: It’s real food. You won’t find any ingredients you can’t pronounce in our recipes. In fact, they’re all cooked like human food: Veggies and all.

Gently Cooked for Digestion

Skip the synthetic ingredients in kibble or the bacteria in raw meat: Gently cooked food allows your pet to avoid the digestive upsets and better absorb the nutrients in their food.

Personalized to Your Pet

One diet doesn’t feed all. Our meals are made with scientifically-backed ingredients to support your fur baby’s needs whether they have dietary restrictions or just aren’t thriving.