how to place an order

Whether you choose to feed your cat or dog Tom&Sawyer pet meals exclusively, or as a mix-in or topper to their current food, our online ordering system will help you choose the right amount of food.  

We can deliver your order within Toronto biweekly (please see the FAQ for delivery restrictions), however, Sawyer does love to see his furry friends should you prefer to come visit us in person to pick up your order.

Start by browsing our carefully formulated meals for your pet, adding meals to your cart as you go from our dog meals or cat meals menus, or create a profile for your pet using our feeding guide, then create a menu from our suggested meals.  Once you’re happy with the mix, add the menu to your cart directly from the feeding guide.

After your first order, you’ll become part of our Loyal Companion Program to receive special discounts for frequent and/or volume ordering and be able to view your purchase history from your account console.  It’s that simple.



in-store purchases

Our Toronto production kitchen is also a retail location.

Located in the heart of the bustling Leslieville neighborhood, Tom&Sawyer’s store offers customers the chance to come and see how our meals are prepared in our restaurant-grade commercial kitchen.  Customers can also purchase fresh meals directly, pick up existing orders, or subscribe to a meal plan as they can here on TomandSawyer.com.

Click here for our in-store hours.


loyal companion program

Our loyal companion program is a way to reward our furry friends who enjoy ordering our pet meals and treats at least once per month. After your first purchase, your account will be updated to reflect our "loyal companion pricing" which is $3 off dog meals and $2 off cat meals as well as 20% off our in-house chef made treats. If you order larger volumes, you will receive an even greater discount! For first time large volume customers, after setting up your account online, please call us at 647 247 3212 or email us at orders@tomandsawyer.com and we will provide an immediate discount code to your account.

delivery within Toronto or shipping Canada-wide 

Tom&Sawyer will personally delivery your pet's order within the City of Toronto or you can have it couriered in a cold shipping box across Canada.

We provide tracking of your scheduled deliveries and can notify you when deliveries are sent out and delivered.

For Loyal Companion Customers-Your local Toronto orders are delivered in a Tom&Sawyer branded thermal tote bag to ensure the pet meals stay cold. You are assigned one thermal tote bag with your subscription and we ask that you return the empty tote bag to the driver at the time of your next delivery.  If you choose to keep your thermal tote bag (they are pretty handy!) then we will simply charge your account a nominal $5 amount for every thermal tote bag you decide to keep.

If you have made a single order purchase within Toronto or live outside of Toronto, your delivery will come in a cardboard box with a cold pack to extend the time the product will remain at cool temperature.

Toronto Area Delivery Zones and Schedule

 Our current delivery schedule is as follows:

Mondays: North Toronto (Pink Zone) 

Tuesdays: SouthEast Toronto (Blue Zone) 

Wednesdays: SouthWest (Green Zone) 

You will be prompted on check out to choose an available delivery window on your delivery day.

For pickup orders, click here for our in-store hours.

Tom&Sawyer Delivery Zone Map

Some additional information:

  • local delivery within City of Toronto for postal codes beginning with "M" (deliveries outside of Toronto coming soon!)
  • delivery to houses or to condominiums/apartments where order can be immediately received to ensure temperature and freshness. 
  • free local delivery for orders over $50. Orders below $50 include a $7 local delivery fee
  • Orders for shipping outside of Toronto will provide a shipping rate based on your postal code


    Important Disclaimer: Please make appropriate arrangements to have your delivery accepted when it arrives during your selected time slot as we cannot accept responsibility for refused orders or orders that were left unattended at room temperature. Please also ensure that one thermal tote bag is returned to the delivery person to avoid extra thermal tote bag charges to your account. 


    Each pet has their own specific needs, as do their owners.  At Tom&Sawyer, we give you the controls to know as much about your pet’s food as you choose to know. 

    Keep track of each pet with their own profile, managed from your Tom&Sawyer account.  Daily caloric intake requirements, feeding schedules, meal order history - it’s all there. 

    Manage each aspect of your Tom&Sawyer experience:

    • pet profiles
    • order history
    • shipping addresses
    • contact info