The Only Commercially Owned & Operated Pet Meal Kitchen!

Did you know that Tom&Sawyer is Canada's only independently owned and operated commercial pet food kitchen? We also employ all of our own professionally trained chefs! Each and every one of our pet meals are prepared, gently cooked and packaged here at Tom&Sawyer's flagship location, at 1247 Queen St. East, in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood.

We would never feed our pets what we wouldn't eat ourselves—that's why our kitchen has the same strict food safety procedures that you would find at any respected restaurant for humans. At Tom&Sawyer, we believe in full transparency in the pet food industry, and providing pet parents with top quality and the information they need to make educated, healthy choices for their loyal companions.

Our head chef ensures that everything produced at Tom&Sawyer is of the best quality and safety so you can (and want to) eat it yourself. Baking food on high heat, like they do when making kibble, can bake important nutrients right out of the food! We gently cook our meals on a low heat and then mix all the ingredients together, in small batches, to ensure the right amount of care, time and attention to detail can go into each Tom&Sawyer meal.

As soon as the batches have been properly mixed, we pack, vacuum seal and flash freeze each meal right away, so the food remains fresh with no need for any added preservatives. We abide by the strictest health and safety regulations and, of course, all of our trained chefs are food handler certified.

Pet parents should always be wary of terms used like ‘manufacturing partners’ and ‘we source our ingredients’ because they don’t actually state they have their own facility or employ the people responsible for making your pet’s food. It is very expensive to design, build, maintain and operate a pet food facility and this is why almost every pet food company outsources the making of their pet food to 3rd party companies.

Tom&Sawyer cares more about ensuring we employ your pet’s culinary team and own the kitchen where your pet’s meals are made. We put care into every stage of meal production, from cooking all the way to delivery, so we can guarantee the highest quality product on the market. 

Only the best for our Canadian pets!