Taurine In Dog & Cat Meals

Dogs and cats have different nutritional requirements. Taurine is an amino acid that both dogs and cats require for good health.  Cats cannot synthesize it, so it must be acquired from their diet. Dogs however, can synthesize taurine from two other amino acids; methionine and cysteine (which are found in meat).

In each Tom&Sawyer meal there is naturally occurring taurine as well as sufficient levels of the additional amino acids methionine and cysteine. The very high quality of our meats and other food ingredients make the bioavailability of all of these amino acids much easier for dogs to synthesize.

These ingredients in our various recipes are naturally high in the amino acid taurine; fish, muscle meat, organs (especially liver) and eggs. Our recipes include one or several of these foods.

Taurine is not considered an essential nutrient for dogs because of the fact that they can produce it from methionine and cysteine. Our Science page provides complete essential amino acid amounts for each of our recipes!

Our fresh cat meals include taurine supplement as cats lack the ability to convert other amino acids into taurine which is why we ensure the required supplementation has been included in all our cat meals.