Pawliday Turkey Gobbler: Holiday Turkey Recipe for Dogs

Do you like to sneak your pup a taste or two from your holiday dinner? Now you don’t have to!

Made with ground turkey (dark meat), butternut squash, russet potatoes, chicken giblets (heart, liver), spinach, dried cranberries and our supplement blend, our Pawliday Turkey Gobbler is a complete and balanced holiday meal that your dog can enjoy all to themselves. 

  • Complete & Balanced
  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Low Fat

Main Protein: Turkey

Good For: Adult dogs, dogs with gluten/grain allergies, dogs requiring a low-fat diet

Is turkey good for dogs?

Yes! Our Pawliday Turkey Gobbler is a low-fat, holiday treat for your pup so they can join in on all the yummy holiday traditions! 

dog with Santa hat                                                                                    Photo by Jakob Owens

This recipe is great for pups who may need: 

  1. A Low-Fat Diet: Even dogs who require a low-fat meal can enjoy our Pawliday Gobbler! This recipe contains less than 25 g fat per 1000kcal, which is perfect for dogs prone to pancreatitis. This holiday treat can also be incorporated into weight loss plans so even pups on a diet can enjoy a treat!
  2. A Grain or Gluten-Free Option: Butternut squash and potatoes are the main carbohydrate source in our Pawliday meal so all pups can enjoy this holiday meal, even those with gluten intolerances!
  3. Something Nutritious, and Delicious: Developed to be especially yummy, even picky-eaters will be hard-pressed to say no to this meal! The inclusion of the best quality, highly palatable ingredients such as turkey and organ meats will keep your dog coming back for seconds. 

christmas bobbles   




And while this can be a delicious holiday meal for all, there are also additional benefits of our Pawliday Turkey Gobbler:

  1. High Fibre for a Healthy Gut: Holiday meals can take a toll on your pup’s gut. But with ingredients full of both insoluble and soluble fibres, our Pawliday Turkey Gobbler recipe can be enjoyed worry (and mess) free. Fibres can help with appetite control, promoting a healthy microbiome, and providing bulk and firmness to your pup’s poop for easy scooping!
  2. Supports Skin & Coat Health: The high moisture content of our gently cooked meals supports hydration which is often overlooked for healthy skin. By incorporating lean turkey and organ meats, this meal is high in protein, containing amino acids to support a healthy coat. 
  3. Healthy Lifestyle: Gently cooked meals are easier for your pups to digest, which means more nutrients are absorbed than conventional pet foods. Our Turkey Gobbler is no exception. This can help support energy levels and regular function and immune systems!

Pawliday Turkey Gobbler - festive dog food

And best of all, the Pawliday Turkey Gobbler is Complete & Balanced: This year, we decided to take the extra step and make our Pawliday Turkey Gobbler a complete and balanced meal. This means that it can be fed all holiday season without jeopardizing your pup’s nutrition! All the nutrients essential for your dog are in this recipe at the right amounts for a healthy, happy, longer life. 

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Written by: Hannah Godfrey
Animal Nutritionist
BSc.H. | MSc. Animal Nutrition