Fresh, Not Refined.

Tom&Sawyer takes food nutrition very seriously. Pets are our family, let's feed them that way. Take a moment and look at the ingredients list on your kibble bag. For so many years, major pet food companies have used genetically modified ingredients and added in unhealthy fillers, preservatives and by-products to extend the shelf life and "bulk up" the food to make your pets feel full.

kibble contains chicken byproduct

These ingredients are mixed in with poor quality proteins and a synthetic vitamin/mineral mix. Kibble is cooked at such a high temperature it bakes a lot of the important nutrients right out of the food. Our pets are resilient and have adapted to being fed these sub-par foods but even though you may think your pet isn't showing signs of nutrient deficiencies, health issues can arise later in their lives.

Somewhere along the way we have gotten lost in an unregulated pet food market where deceptive labeling confuses consumers, and most people aren’t actually feeding their pets what they think they are!⁠ Too many pets are developing preventable illnesses, with research demonstrating a connection between feeding highly refined and processed kibble and declining pet health.

Our pets should eat real food that is safe and can be trusted to be exactly what it says it is on the label. They deserve transparent products that not only assist in happier, healthier, longer lives but that they actually enjoy eating!

Italian Beef Pasta meal

Tom&Sawyer makes fresh cooked pet meals that have been scientifically developed by a team of animal health and nutrition experts.  We properly formulate, prepare and test our recipes to provide your cats and dogs with a safe, unprocessed and preservative-free cooked diet. Our ingredients are sourced from Canadian restaurant suppliers and many of our proteins come from Canadian farmers (Kangaroo being an exception, which is not raised in Ontario but is raised free-range and organic).

  • We are cooked, not raw! By cooking our meals we significantly reduce the risk of food-related bacteria and illness in the household. Cooked food is also easier to digest (especially for senior pets). Our food can also be mixed in with other pet food brands, raw cannot!
  • We have our own beautiful, sanitary commercial kitchen with a trained culinary team who prepare small batch meals daily, following the strictest of human food safety standards. Try finding another company that actually shows their pet food being made and remember, you and your pets deserve full transparency.

Tom&Sawyer's pet meals kitchen

Our pet meal line is the highest quality pet food on the market and is created for the love of pets! Unfortunately, there are very few pet food companies that can say this and actually mean it. We do.