Dietary Requirements At Every Life Stage

Each stage of your dog's life will have different dietary requirements. We make sure to cover all the bases!

**Note: All of our cat meals are formulated for both kittens and adult cat weight maintenance.


Puppies require about twice the amount of energy per bodyweight from the food they eat than adult dogs during their period of growth. Caloric and nutrient requirements for your puppy is very specific, and the right diet will ensure proper skeletal development and controlled weight gain.

Our pet meals were formulated on their own to be nutritionally complete and balanced for adult maintenance. However, if you have a puppy in your household, simply add in 1 teaspoon of our Puppy Booster to a package of Tom&Sawyer meals and they will receive all the additional minerals needed during the skeletal growth phase.

The best diet for a young pup is one that is high in protein, fat, calcium and phosphorous. Consult your vet to know when your puppy is reaching full grown size and make a slow transition away from the Puppy Booster.  Note: Giant breed dogs have unique nutrition needs during the growth phase that our Puppy Booster does not consider. Please consult your veterinarian if you have a giant breed puppy.


An adult stage of a dog's life is usually considered to be between the ages of 1 to 8 years old (each dog will differ slightly depending on the breed and life expectancy). This is the prime of their life and they require an adult maintenance formulated diet that matches their energy level, breed, and any specific dietary requirements.

Though each dog's individual needs can differ, there are still general requirements dog owners should be looking for in their pet's food:

  • High-quality meat for muscle maintenance
  • Healthy grains, or other carbohydrate sources, for energy
  • Fibre for a healthy digestive tract
  • Fish oils for healthy skin and coat
  • Vitamins and minerals for a strong immune system

Check out our Nutrition Pages to view all of the ingredients and nutritional breakdowns of our recipes, which meet the recommended allowance standards of the National Research Council (NRC).


Senior dogs require a higher fibre diet to help with digestion. They also generally do not need as many calories due to lower activity levels and do better with leaner protein and lower fat. Tom&Sawyer makes a specialized line of low fat, lower calorie, limited ingredient and novel protein recipes!

We also offer two flavours of Bone Broths that can be a great addition to a senior pet's meals. Our Bone Broths are a super concentrated natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, for joint, teeth and fur health (including natural collagen), plus several anti-inflammatory compounds to speed up natural healing, reduce arthritis pain and soothe stomach problems! 

Pet nutrition is always advancing, and with each new discovery we learn more ways to better the lives of our furry companions. No matter what stage your pet is at, Tom&Sawyer is here to help them live longer, healthier, happier lives.