Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

5 Benefits of Carrots for Dogs

Have you ever wondered if carrots are good for your dog? At Tom&Sawyer, we are committed to providing our pups with the best fresh, gently-cooked ingredients in every pet meal. 

Carrots are well known for their bright orange colour and crunchy texture, but did you know that they can be a great (and healthy) addition to your dog’s meal?

Here are the top 5 reasons why we are always ROOT-ing for carrots for your dogs:

Carrots for dogs

                                                                     Photo by Nick Fewings

1. A great source of vitamins and minerals

Carrots are an excellent source of multiple vitamins and minerals including:

  • Vitamin A
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

These nutrients are essential for your pup to thrive!

2. Antioxidants for your pup’s overall health

Do you know what gives carrots that bright, orange colour? Beta-carotene! This antioxidant is most known for its ability to be converted into vitamin A, which is used for vision and eye health.

However, beta carotene, and the many other antioxidants found in carrots, have been researched for their many health benefits. Antioxidants are thought to help prevent certain diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and obesity.

Dog playing with squeaky toy

                                                                               Photo by Justin Veenema

3. Fibre for digestive health

Carrots can provide both soluble (i.e. pectin) and insoluble fibres (i.e. hemicellulose). Together, these fibres slow digestion and may help prevent constipation and diarrhea. 

Fibres also feed the microbiome, and a healthy gut = a healthy pup! 

For more information on the role of fibres for your furry friends, check out our blog on dietary fibre for your pets.

4. Improved immune function

Consumption of carrots helps promote a healthy and functioning immune system due to the (many) nutritional contents of carrots! How? Carrots are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that help the immune system function and work hard to keep your pup happy and healthy. 

5. Flavour and texture (palatability)

Often an overlooked benefit of any ingredient is its addition to the overall flavour and texture of the meal. Carrots are typically a dog favourite because of their crunchy texture! 

Adding carrots to our meals provides some additional flavour that dogs love as well! Look for carrots in our healthy Buddha Bowl recipe, or our Beef & Broccoli recipe for those pups who need a lower fat diet. 

Fresh dog food recipe

                                                          Tom&Sawyer's Beef & Broccoli Recipe

So, the next time you’re thinking adding a little colour to your dog’s meal, don’t forget to include carrots! 

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Hannah Godfrey
Animal Nutritionist
BSc.H. | MSc. Animal Nutrition