Benefits of our Fisherman’s Best Friend Recipe for Dogs

 Your dog will be hooked on this low-fat, sustainably sourced seafood dish.
  • Lowered phosphorus for kidney health
  • Reduced calcium, sodium, and magnesium for bladder stone prevention
  • Gluten-free
  • Low-fat
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Novel protein


  • Alaskan Pollock (hypo-allergenic)


Senior dogs, adult dogs, healthy or overweight dogs, dogs with protein allergies, dogs with gluten allergies, dogs with loose stool, dogs with sensitive digestive systems, and may be beneficial for dogs with diabetes, dogs prone to struvite bladder stones, those requiring weight loss, or for preventing renal issues with aging.


Dogs are hooked on Tom&Sawyer’s Fisherman’s Best Friend recipe. This recipe is great for a variety of dogs (dogs who need to lose a few pounds, suffer from pancreatitis, have food sensitivities) but has been specially formulated for senior pups.

Fisherman's Best Friend recipe in a pot

Here are the top 5 benefits of our Fisherman’s Best Friend recipe for dogs that makes this all possible:

1. Specially Formulated to Maintain Healthy Kidneys with Age

This recipe has been formulated to ensure a moderate, high-quality protein source with low levels of phosphorus, sodium below 4% dry matter, and controlled potassium levels. This can all help to reduce strain on the kidneys, which can aid in preventing chronic kidney disease. Kidney disease is common for seniors as it develops from prolonged damage over time.

2. Pancreatitis Friendly (Low-Fat)

The Fisherman’s Best Friend recipe is low in fat, staying below the maximum amount tolerable for dogs with pancreatitis (25 g fat per 1000 kcal). This low-fat recipe is also less energy dense, making it a great option for pups who need to lose weight, or are at a greater risk of gaining weight. But don’t worry - we still provide lots of omega-3’s in a perfect omega 3, 6, and 9 ratio for proper fat metabolism. 

3. Novel Protein (White Fish)

Unfortunately, many dogs suffer from food sensitivities, allergies and reactions to common proteins. Wild pollock is considered a hypoallergenic and novel protein, meaning that your dog has likely not been exposed to it before and will likely not have an adverse reaction to it. By using wild pollock as the protein source in this recipe, we provide dogs with allergies, sensitive tummies, and other sensitivities a healthy and delicious option. 

cute dog                                                            Photo by Kindred Hues Photography

4. Formulated to help prevent bladder stones

Bladder stones, specifically calcium oxalates, can be quite common for pups. That’s why the Fisherman’s Best Friend is lowered in calcium, phosphorus, sodium, AND magnesium. All four nutrients are kept above the recommended levels for dogs according to AAFCO standards, but are maintained at controlled levels to reduce the risk of bladder stone formation. This may be beneficial for pups prone to bladder stones.

5. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation can occur in response to disease, obesity, joint problems, and sensitivities or allergies. Fibre, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats from fish, coconut, cranberries, organic canola oil, and rice can all aid in reducing inflammation. This can be beneficial for soothing sensitive tummies and allergy-like symptoms, as well as for promoting joint health, heart health, and obesity prevention and treatment, especially for our senior pups. 

6. High levels of Antioxidants

Ingredients like cranberries, kale, and hemp seed oil contain a healthy dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants in dog food can be used by the body to reduce the amount of harmful reactive oxygen species that damage cells. By protecting cells from oxidative damage, antioxidants are thought to promote healthy skin and coat, reduce the risk of cancers and other chronic diseases, and improve heart health.

7. Gluten-Free 

We use whole grain brown rice in our Fisherman’s Best Friend recipe. Brown rice is naturally gluten-free, along with all of our other ingredients in this recipe. This makes it a great option for dogs who may have a gluten intolerance, allergy, or have sensitive tummies. 

“Sea” the difference this healthy recipe can make for the health of your pup!

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Written by: Hannah Godfrey
Animal Nutritionist
BSc.H. | MSc. Animal Nutrition