Benefits of our Beef & Broccoli Recipe for Dogs

A canine take on an iconic Chinese takeout dish.
  • Healthy grains
  • Low fat
  • Rich in antioxidants


  • Beef

GOOD FOR:  Adult dogs, healthy or over-weight seniors, dogs with gluten allergies, pancreatitis, may be beneficial for dogs requiring weight loss*, picky eaters.

* For dogs undergoing an energy restriction, this recipe should only be used when in consultation with a veterinarian.


Our Beef & Broccoli recipe is your pup’s version of a favourite Chinese takeout dish! This recipe is all-inclusive and can provide many benefits to dogs with a variety of dietary restrictions or requirements. 

This recipe is perfect for pups who:

1. Need a Low-Fat Diet

Sensitive stomachs or dogs who suffer from pancreatitis will benefit from having this low-fat diet. Tom&Sawyer sources extra-lean ground beef so that even dogs who need a low fat diet can enjoy the delicious flavours of beef in their regular diet. Meals for pancreatitis require fat levels below 25 grams per 1000 kcals - which this recipe delivers! 

2. Are Picky Eaters

Dogs can’t resist the taste of beef! In addition to a yummy protein source, this recipe uses limited ingredients which can help those fussy eaters. 

3. Have a Gluten Intolerance

For a healthy carbohydrate source, the Beef & Broccoli incorporates quinoa. Quinoa is a pseudo-grain and contains no gluten. This means that even pups who have allergy-like flare ups to gluten can safely eat Beef & Broccoli for dinner. 

In addition to meeting various dietary needs for different dogs, the Beef & Broccoli recipe also contains superfood ingredients such as ginger root and Goji berries.  

beef and broccoli recipe for dogs

Additional benefits of Beef & Broccoli includes:

1. Maintaining Joint Health

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects from Goji berries, ginger root, hemp seed oil, and fish oils all contribute to reducing and preventing inflammation and damage to the joints. Senior pups or hard working dogs can benefit from these effects. 

2. Shiny Skin and Coat

The high-quality, extra lean beef from this recipe contains many essential amino acids that build proteins that are components to hair. Antioxidants can also help reduce damage to the skin cells. In addition, minerals such as zinc, which is found in our anchovy fish oil, is crucial for healthy skin and coat!

3. Obesity Prevention and Weight Loss

You might think the low-fat aspect of this diet is what makes it great for obesity prevention and weight loss. However, it’s actually the fats in this diet that do wonders for your dog’s metabolism and weight. The high levels of healthy omega fatty acids can actually improve fatty acid metabolism and reduce fat deposition. Additionally, they are anti-inflammatory, preventing some of the negative consequences of obesity for your pup!

Next time you’re bringing home take-out, don’t forget to include your dog too! 

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Written by: Hannah Godfrey
Animal Nutritionist
BSc.H. | MSc. Animal Nutrition