5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs a Dog or Cat Food Subscription

You’ve heard of the meal plan subscriptions for people (you know: healthy, delicious meals delivered straight to your door!). They’re convenient, save time and money (they cost waaayy less than takeout!), and even create less waste, making them better for the planet. 

But did you know that your dog or cat can benefit from the same convenience, too? 

Dog and cat

There’s nothing more exhausting than a late night trip to the pet store or grocery store when your pet’s dish is empty — after all, we’ve all put off a trip to the pet store for “just one more day” at one time or another! And those sad puppy dog eyes when the food runs out? They can make even the most seasoned pet owner feel guilty. 

What’s worse — lugging around heavy bags of pet food when you could be at home watching reruns of Lassie just isn’t fun.

That’s why automating your dog or cat’s food delivery not only makes your shopping easier, but it also gives you more time for snuggles, walks and playtime with your best friend.

And that’s where the paw-fection of dog and cat food subscriptions comes in: you tell us about your pet, we recommend and curate the right meals for your dog or cat, and we deliver it straight to your door. 

Pet food delivery

This provides convenience, consistency, and takes one less thing off your to-do list — and better yet, your pet will NEVER run out of food again.

So here are our top 5 reasons to start a pet food subscription:

  1. High-Quality Human-Grade Pet Food: We use the highest quality, human-edible, non-GMO, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients. We source from CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved facilities. Our meals are 100% AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) human-grade dog and cat food, and our meals are made in a CFIA-inspected facility for human food. Plus, our meals are complete and balanced by our world-class animal nutritionists and confirmed through independent lab testing.

  2. Personalized for your Pet: No two fur babies are the same, and their diets shouldn’t be either. Access customized, high-quality food options tailored to your pet's unique dietary needs. Crafted for every life stage, our meal plans offer balanced nutrition personalized based on weight, age, and activity level. 

  3. Convenience and Consistency: Tell us about your cat or dog for our best meal plan recommendations, personalized to their nutritional needs. We’ll set up your account and handle the rest. Your pet's nutrition is ensured with high-quality food delivered straight to your door, right on time, so you never run out of food. Life can get busy, but with our subscription program, you'll enjoy the convenience of one less thing on your to-do list.

  4. Flexibility: Skip, pause, or edit your subscription at any time to fit your vacation schedule, your pet’s preferences, and everything in between. You can also cancel at any time - no strings attached. And, our customer service team is here to help you every step of the way - because talking to you about your fur baby is what we love most!

  5. Savings with Every Box: Investing in a meal plan for your pet benefits both your fur baby’s health and your wallet. Subscription customers receive 5% off every recurring order, and get birthday gifts and fun surprises throughout the year. 

If you’re ready to benefit from a meal plan for your pet, click here. Happier, Healthier, Longer Lives start with great food! 

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